About Us

The operation theatre is equipped with state of the art equipments to ensure safe and perfect surgery and is the heart of the hospital.

The Operating Microscope is the most important piece of equipment for ocular surgery and we have the most advanced top end microscope from Wild, Switzerland.


Oerteli Phacoemulsification System (Switzerland) – This is used for stitch less cataract surgery through a very small micro-incision. The machine makes it possible to remove all grades of cataract safely and implant a foldable Intraocular Lens.

Anesthesia Set Up - Anesthetist is always present to monitor the patients at the time of surgery. This ensures the patient is comfortable throughout the surgery. We have a Schiller monitor to monitor pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and Electrocardiogram during surgery. Boyles machine is available for general anesthesia.

Sterility- The operation theatre sterility is given prime importance at our hospital. Being single surgeon use and purely an ophthalmic surgery theatre makes it possible to ensure proper maintenance of the operation theatre. We have a  HEPA filter system for maintaining highest possible air quality and a positive Pressure air system to allow fresh air exchange. Microbiological monitoring of the theatre and sterilisers is done regularly by a well equipped microbiology laboratory. We also have a  Tata Liebert UPS system in the operation theatre and all surgeries are telecast live to waiting area so that relatives can observe surgery.